Has anyone ever done a backwards takeoff?

I find it the hardest thing to do in if. Let me know if you have!

Thats not how it works🧐


It’s possible. Use reverse thrusts. I attempted about 5 mins ago and it got up to about 130 and then just spun out😂 but you have to do it a certain way.

yes i have

Well, youre not really supposed to that, thats why.


the aerodynamics on the wing wont work! The Airflow is designed to go from the frount to the back in order to generate lift…no lift = no fly!


Again, it only works under certain things. First, you have to basically glitch the get the reverse thrust stuck. Second, when going backwards, you need to hit a bump of some sort. 3, you going to be in the air, but not for long.

Just check out this vid Taking Off With REVERSE THRUST - YouTube

there is other ways

so nothing based on reality then…?

Off of a mountain?

I did it once, at KEDW, it is very uncontrollable after takeoff.

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no just get a higher amount of speed push down instead of pulling up and the plane takes off then aerodinamically comes unstable and starts to spin or flip but still counts as a take off as you didnt specify you had to fly after

Well isn’t flying…TAKEOFF?

I have and it was easy

I have. Just set to wind to full and in a headwind and release the breaks with reversers

When you said “Backward Takeoff”, what do you mean by this? Because this is not aviation determination.

This sums it up pretty well


So you mean reverse thrust, it reduces the speed and blocks rolling out air (means hard to create angle of attack at the airfoil section part of the wing) but when applying 120% of thrust it will takeoff
Applying more thrust means creating supersonic area, I believe. By that, risky on that situation where the block reverser could be damaged.


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I also tried it once.


I will never do it again.