Has anyone ever been to the Airbus Factories?

Hey Guys!

I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed but I am thinking of going on the Airbus Factory Tour in either Toulouse or Hamburg next year. I am just wondering has anyone ever been and is it any good , what does the tour include? and which one is better out of the two?

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This is kinda related while I was in Toulouse waiting for a flight back to england I saw a beluga role out so if you go there it would be good none the less

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I also suggest going to London Heathrow on a family day also good

Yes, Airbus Gefafe

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I’m from Ireland so I’ll be flying from Dublin to Toulouse with Aer Lingus direct

Only the Boeing factories in Everett and Seattle. I would like to go see Airbus though. And maybe even fly on an Airbus finally!

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I personally have relatives in Toulouse and went to visit the factory last year. Overall it was a really great experience and I highly recommend it. The tour itself was awesome and I got to see the A380 production line and many a350’s. There is also a really nice museum with flight simulators and some very cool aircraft including a Concorde and A400 which you can both go in. Never been to the Hamburg one, but as an aviation enthusiast I definitely recommend Toulouse:)


Thanks for the recommendation 👍😀

no problem mate

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OK, I need to see the Tolouse


yep. It’s an amazing experience. Nice city as well if you have the time. @Ondrej


I want to go to the one in Mobile, Alabama, but I don’t have cash. #brokeboi

Been to the Texas factory

I’ve been to Airbus in Hamburg and it was fantastic! Very interesting to walk around some of the production lines including into the cabin fitting line of the A380. Obviously you can’t get too close, but in Hamburg they have special visitor’s areas (e.g. a balcony in the A380 cabin line).

Can only recommend to join the tour!

It’s mainly A320family though, but Belugas and A380s (and nowadays probably A330s as well) are to be seen too!

Disclaimer: My tour was some years ago.

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No, but I’ve been to the Boeing factory in Everett, and that was years ago.

Flown into Hawarden, that’s as close as I’ve got.



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