Has anyone else seen this?

Today I went to go spawn in and when the loading screen showed up it was different. Was there any internal update that didn’t need to go to the App Store?

Here’s a picture:


Yes I did see it.

Infinite Flight like to change it once in a while, to give a bit of variety.


Yeah i got it too… Looks super cool IMO


Because I checked to see if anything was different including seeing if the A350-900 was there but it wasn’t.

I also love the new picture.

Game developers often make small changes to games that don’t need Apple approval.

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Yes I love it 😍

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If the A350-900 or any other Major Update were to be released, i.e the XCub or anything really, then that would’ve been announced on #announcements category, which where you should check for the latest and greatest to be revealed in Infinite Flight ;)

As for the loading screen pictures, well they change every now and then. Pretty refreshing to see something new, and the pictures talen are also very cool and unique, each of them. Exemplary ✨


I think it’s a decent photo. I really like the ones that show the planes on the ground instead of the air.

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It reminds me of London Heathrow&Gatwick

Yep saw it just now! I like a nice surprise like this that we weren’t expecting. I enjoy new loading screens.

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Yep I’ve seen it, still wondering why the CRJ does not have its gear down.


We all have to wait to the next one for me to report about it.

You know cause southwest fly’s to heathrow alll the time 😂

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That’s a funny joke, they might start services. I was just saying that as a saying.

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Really now?


Yes, they are, LOL.

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There was no update. I think it changes every month from my experience.

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Did anyone else notice that the SW B738 in the front doesn’t have landing lights on? Pretty sure they are under FL100 😉

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Yeah I did, i think it’s just the light.

No they’re on. Look closely at the nose gear light, it’s shining. A normal pilot would say it’s the taxi lights, but an infinite flight pilot would know good and well that the taxi light and landing lights come on all at once.

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