Has anyone else had this experience on Expert (misbehaving user)?

Hi everyone,
I’m currently flying to LGA as EDV8946, and there was this person named “Air Canada 02” or something on Expert Server. He was using the Southwest Heart One livery on the new 737-800S

Now I don’t mind random people following me, as long as they respect the rules of Expert Server and give me space.
I usually fly out of my hometown airport KMHT. I spawn in and I see he is doing patterns.

I do my usual, make a Flight Plan, get fuel on board, and make sure everything is in order.
He lands, and apparently parks next to me. I push back, and so does this person. He is now blocking my way, so i did a 180° turn to go the other way.

He literally CUTS through the grass where the RON stands are and begins following me very closely. I cross Runway 35 and taxi all the way to Runway 24. As I cross the Hold Short line, I said “You better stop at the HSL”, he doesn’t and literally follows me behind me onto the runway.

Mind you this is in Expert Server. I give out a big sigh, and do my normal takeoff, with him on my tail. Literally.

Now I am flying, he’s close behind. As soon as I reach FL100, I floor it to 315kts to try and get some distance. He follows behind as usual. He gets so close he ends up almost colliding with my Airplane, and he ends up stalling and falling from the sky, probably picking up violations along the way down.
He hasn’t respawned yet, but I thought I’d share this rather interesting story.

I do have screenshots of him following me, but since I’m on my other phone, I cannot post the screenshots as of yet, but will when I land in LaGuardia.

Have you ever experienced something similar to this? I’m always interested to hear others stories! :)

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I have experienced so many crazy things on Expert Server that I often wonder what is the difference between Training and Expert. Some things even happen with IFATC present!


I had to double check and see if I was in the right Server. Boy what an interesting flight indeed.

I never had something like this so this was a first.

It’s upsetting seeing this happen in Expert Server though

Wow this sounds like quite the story. Usually if this happens to me I just report them and hope for the best.

PM me the screenshots and depending on the quality we may be able to take action. Thanks!