Has anyone else crash dived at -10000 ft/m?

I hate it when that happens 😡


that doesn’t match the title of the topic.
apparently you crash dived at -10000 ft/m
that would be like PSA 1771


How did you not get any violations from overspeeding? Even with that, why? If you wanna fly go fly fighters or in solo mode like @Maxmustang said. Please try and keep this SIM a sim, not a game, for the sake of the rest of us


Im not really liking the outcome of this. I posted this to share a funny moment w/ you guys, but i did not want any negativity.


MaxSez: @CaptainSpeedbird1974… Lesson Learned, Next


At yesterday’s FNF, I had the worst landing to date. I basically fell out of the sky :/

Do you ever say anything nice on the forum?


Maybe they lost cabin pressure and freaked out ! 😉

----------Hank aircrash report-------------

Captain and FO did not notice sudden drop in speed. They were transporting products for Apple along with a built in telescope. Plane suddenly plummeted. FO Farted and captain passed out. FO Put full power on (25,000ft). Autopsy on pilot found he had eaten fish. Aircarft then flipped up eventually to stall (7,400FT). APU cut out. A drone flew throw the window hitting the Pilot in the Face (captain was just coming around) captain had no idea what was going on. Final report blames Apple due to a bug in the latest Hotfix of the hotfix update of infinite flight.


you’re just cracking me up. I literally nearly smashed my face into the screen of my laptop it was that funny

Well done.

Take the challenge now.

😂😂 LOLOLOL very funny.

Hate to admit it… I was flying with a group of friends, making touch and goes at a number of airports… I was climbing through 10000, when I noticed everyone else at 5000, and descending… the next touch and go was only 3 or 4 miles away, so not realistically, I slowed to 230, set full flaps, flight spoilers, and pushed the nose down as much as I could without exceeding 240kts. My greatest descent rate was 12000’/min. 737BBJ I just did make the runway.

That’s dangerous. Better to just miss approach and make another go at it or just go on to next target airport.

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Well, nobody died… and I found the descent rate limit! 😂
Passengers weren’t happy, but pilots were having a great time.

I’m certain the pilots were not having a great time.

Pull up your G-meter next time you do that.

Well… here’s the thing, as long as the rate of descent is constant, you’re at 1G. Positive and negative G’s relative to 1 are only present when the rate of descent is respectively decreasing or increasing. I was very careful as I pushed the nose down to prevent red out, and the same as I pulled out to prevent black out.

Edited to flip the positions of increasing and decreasing

MaxSez: Imagination is a wounderful thing when your young. May you never get old. Cheers

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Better question:
Who hasn’t dived at 10.000

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