Has anyone done Delta's 757-200 from KPIT-LFPG

I was wondering has anyone done this 757-200 route from Pittsburgh PA to Paris Charles De Gaulle France. Full Flight: Delta Air Lines B757-200 Pittsburgh to Paris (PIT-CDG) - YouTube


I have not
Do you recommend it?

yes it is a fun route

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I should try it thank you

Well, it wasn’t actually with the B757, it was with the B767-300ER. Yes I’m using my @KPIT knowledge skills

Is this a real world route ?

Was, ran seasonally from 2011-2017, 2018 was a 767-300, and then at the end of the 2018 season they announced it would not return for the 2019 season. I suspect they didn’t see a large enough market for themselves, British Airways, WOW, and Condor to fly transatlantic from Pittsburgh.

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It was for a while, only ran one season as a 767 as I noted above. Fun fact we used to get two daily 757s for a while as AA flew one here from Philadelphia. Probably one of the shorter 757 routes in the world.

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