Has anyone done Delta's 757-200 from KATL-KJAC

I was wondering does anyone fly Delta’s 757-200 route from KATL-KJAC

I’m sure @ToasterStroodie has. 😁


I have in IF. Highly recommend it. Stunning approach into Jackson Hole

Ok let’s get back on topic please. If you would like to discuss a flag, please pm moderators.


I have indeed! It’s a really fun route to do. Total change in scenery and overall environment from start to finish! It’s well worth flying.

DL1688 is the flight number. If you wish to get as realistic an FPL as you can, just plug the flight number into FlightAware, and it’ll give you the actual flight plan used by the flight in real life, as well as relevant cruise data and what not.


There is a P3D video on someone who did this same exact flight! I can tell you that it is an amazing flight/route to do. Jackson-Hole is very underrated in my opinion.

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