Has anyone been to Tampa?

I’m going to mcdill Air Force base and I will get there in about two hours. Can somebody tell we some good spotting locations at KTPA?


I have been to Tampa, but not the airport. So no.

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It turns out that yesterday there was an airshow. I got a couple of pictures when the planes were leaving. Here are some pictures that my mom took:

Been to Tampa tons of times.

Not McDill but Tampa Int’l.

I believe Max lives in RSW(?) maybe so he could give you some advice with Tampa?

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I have flown over Tampa, does that count?

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I don’t know where to spot at TPA. Can someone give me advice?

Where should I go to spot heavies?

If the link helped you, please bring some nice photos!

Nice catch of the B-52.

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you have to spot the A343-300 of Lufthansa CityLine from Frankfurt in their STAR ALLIANCE livery, i think it flies there 4 times a week.

Besides a BA 777 to Gatwick it is the only International connection I believe

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I did.

I’ll put better pictures on after I get home. This was from my phone.


Last time I went to Tampa I saw the 777 parked

That’s cool!

and I am looking forward to see more of these A340 snapshots!!

I grew up in Tampa, right next to MacDill AFB. That alone is a great spotting area. Tampa International you’ll find many places for spotting. Have fun 😎

I’ve been to Tampa. Don’t know anything about the airport though.