Has Anyone Been on an Aircraft That Crashed/Had an Accident?

I thought of this after the “Has Anyone been in a plane crash/emergency thread.” As this is probably more likely for us: wether or not it happened while you flew on it: has anyone been on a plane that has been involved in some sort of incident, or has crashed after you have flown on it?

For me, I have flown on N561WN, which overran the runway in Orlando last August: Boeing 737-73V - Southwest Airlines | Aviation Photo #2686573 | Airliners.net

Do you have photos?? Nop i havent luckily

Personal experience, one of the flaps on the 172 I flew failed to retract

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I have been in two commercial accidents/incidents. They are serious and not fun!


So far no…and I hope not to experience such terrible moment.

I departed from Oscar Machado Zuluaga for the beautiful island of Los Roques, and after takeoff and the plane lost half the power on one engine so we had to go back to Oscar Machado Zuluaga (I really wanted to go to los Roques :(
About two years later that plane was written off because it got out of the runway when landing.

I also flew on this plane once and it was written off too after it landed without gear at PTY

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There you go here is the aircraft:

Really you were in that plane?! I remember that day, the plane is now in the airport’s graveyard I guess.

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No I mean I flew that plane, I wasn’t involved in the incedent, @BrunoC


I flew on that plane, I wasn’t there the day of the accident, but my grandfather was there thankfully there was no injuries

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Completely the pilots fault, after the landing they tested the landing gear and it worked!!

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Well kinda two:

  1. I was on flight BAW114 from london to jfk, and we were diverted to Halifax because of an electrical fire or something like that in First class.

  2. I flew on a germanwings a319 flight from London to Düsseldorf the same day that Germanwings flight 9525 crashed in the alps. Same plane (Kinda) same destination, same time. Scary right!


The aircraft was an a320-211

I was on a F100 that the pilot took off WITHOUT flaps. I said to myself “Oh no! These might be the last moments of my life” but they managed to take off safely


You dont need flaps to takeoff.

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I was on D-AIAD which had a bird strike before I travelled with her

@Owen_Anderson, if you don’t need flaps for takeoff, then why did this happen:
Northwest Airlines Flight 255 - Wikipedia


Because they were not on a suitable runway without flaps

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well sorta i was at las vegas leaving to go home when i saw the baw 777-200 that cought fire at mcarren international