Has anybody weight/v-speed tables for 787s and 737s

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Does anybody have weight related v speed tables for 787’s and 737’s?



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Hey there! You can check out the community for V-speed tables, I believe there is a forum post on v-speeds. You can also check out boeing.com which has a bunch of manuals and lists on those speeds in reference to weight.
Other people may give you a better response yet this is the best I can do at the moment ;)


For 737 I do 140-160/80 depending on the model and the weight. This is with 5 degrees of flaps.



I use this for the 737, hasn’t failed me yet


I believe that’s the -300 model for flight gear but I bet it does work.

This is what you should be looking for:

Credit to @epaga and those who contributed to the table:

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To add to that I have this more recent and updated one for you. This is something I was working on getting together for Epaga. It has more concrete numbers that are from V charts that I found that were open sourced and from either the manufacturers themselves or from airlines. I had also tested them each out and they are verified.


There are some areas I still need to fill in but those are more difficult to track down.

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Thanks a lot all! That’s useful

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