Has anybody flown into Charlotte-Douglas?

Has anyone flown into Charlotte-Douglas and if so what is their opinion of it

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For me, the simple explanation is no
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It’s a decent airport, I just hate all the walking I have to do between terminals.


Especially from b to e

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I wish they had better restaurants.

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Me too but it’s crazy how much it has grown in the past 15 years

I’ve only been there one time, so I couldn’t tell you how it changed :/

One it has 4 runways instead of three and they added a frontier southwest and I think spirit will be flying here too

I have. Nice airport, the baggage came fast and CBP was pretty painless. (Automated machines but we still had to take a ticket to the agent)

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I have a lot and I hate CLT. The terminals are old and uncomfortable, the airport is small in Size for the number of passengers, the retail and Duty Free is very basic and there is no wifi.

I fly into there at least 3 times a week, it’s perfect sized for the distance you have to walk,there is free wifi, and plenty of places to eat. Bad thing is there is normally a decent wait for take off, because it is a decently busy airport.

I guess it’s personal then, I dislike the airport but it’s not a bad airport if you get what I mean, @Tbynum94

No problem man. Everybody has their opinion good or bad

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Yeah, thanks, have a great evening @Tbynum94

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