Has anybody ever done a flight on personal hotspot

I’m joining an expert server event tomorrow and I realise that my WiFi is very unreliable right now. It disconnects for like a minute or so and I guess that’s not good…

I don’t want to back out of the event and was wondering if anybody ever flew 12 hours on personal hotspot and what it did to their device.

FYI, I’ll do the flight in a 2016 iPad Pro and the personal hotspot will be from an iPhone X.

Depends on how good your data is, but it should work

As long as your connection on your phone is stable and you have enough data to do a long flight, it will be absolutely fine.

This can vary depending on your mobile provider and plan

I’ve done many many flights over data and a hotspot and had no issues besides the occasional signal drop. Both devices were still fine afterwards ☺️


Well, I haven’t had to use a hotspot since i can just use the 4G on my device but when the WiFi was down in my house I managed to run a complete VATSIM flight using my hotspot so I’d assume that IF will run just fine.

As long as you’re the only one using the hotspot you should be just fine.


@Kirito_77 I have unlimited 4G on my phone, I do have IF on my phone, but I prefer to fly on my iPad because it is easier with a larger screen. Shouldn’t be a problem?

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Should be absolutely fine then yes. As long as your phone has a strong connection, there shouldn’t be an issue

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It’s quite a stable connection. I watched some Netflix using personal hotspot for about 3 hours, no problem.


I have done it before when my wifi was down, 4G worked great.

Does Netflix use more data than Infiniteflight?

I never use WiFi when flying. My internet is extremely bad so I only use mobile data. Never had any problems so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I’ve been using 4G for all my flights for a looooong time with no issues

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It’s just more about the device overheating. My iPad also doesn’t have data because it’s the WiFi only model, so I’m just a little bit concerned about overheating. I’m not concerned about data.

I’ve done it with no problems before. Hotspot from a 2017 Samsung A7 on both my laptop and my tablet with IF. I never had a problem.

Maybe formation flights were a bit harder.

I am doing a formation flight…

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