Has any one noticed that there is no gear tilt but only when you retract gear and pull down gear it shows

Look this is when you takeoff and there is no gear tilt.

This I when you retract the gear and do you see the gear tilt.

Comment if you see the same thing.


yes i noticed that too!..i think they are working on tilt as we speak…it might be in the next update but only for 787 since its gears simulate actual tilt as they retract unlike the 747


Thank for replying.

I think the problem they are having is not the tilt itself but the animation of it upon touchdown because each landing is different.


That’s what I’m thinking too…cause the gear tilts and the tilt animation is fine the suspension works fine…it’s well animated actually

It’s how the 787 gear retracts.

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No…the 747 doesn’t tilt like it does on the 787 where you see the suspension getting longer and actually tilting the gear…the whole retraction is animated in details…i replayed that on solo several times and wondered what they are up to

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this tilts while going up…but in the 787 it tilts first tilts back to normal then retracts…you see the suspension or whatever that bar is elongating in the 787




Truck tilt, not gear tilt. ;)

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