Has Allegiant Announced The Most Random Route Yet?

So, while browsing the web I found that one of my home airports (KJAX) is getting service to Grand Rapids (KGRR) on Allegiant starting in October with twice weekly on an A320. When I saw this I just thought (and still think) that this is so random and it is not gonna last. What do y’all think about it?


One word: Cheap.

You’d be surprised how many people want to fly from Jacksonville to Grand Rapids for cheap. Why fly KJAX to KGRR via KATL on Delta for $200 (example, not the exact price), when I can go direct for a third of the price?


For people in the southern hemisphere that’s expensive 😂

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There are all sorts of random routes. There’s a lot of traffic from the Northeast especially down to Florida, so that’s probably a factor, there’s connections of course too. Allegiant is big in both cities…

Allegiant doesn’t do connecting itineraries though.

True, but again, Allegiant has big presences in the two cities. Clearly they see value in both. There are lots of flights to Florida from small/medium cities…

As a Grand Rapids resident, it’s disappointing. I saw on GRR Airport’s Twitter yesterday that we would be getting 2 new non-stops. I was expecting Air Canada to come back with service from YUL or YYZ, or Spirit from Orlando or Vegas to compete with Frontier and Allegiant. But Allegiant is supposed to be making GRR a crew base in the coming years so they’re already expanding their route network. Also with this announcement the second non-stop was GRR-MSY on Allegiant so even more diversity. I wish other airlines would like to expand here in GR because we grow every year at a great rate. So yes I was disappointed that it wasn’t another airline…:/


Interesting to hear that from a GRR resident, Allegiant has a decent presence at JAX and JAX is also a growing airport (fastest growing airport in North America in 2018). So we shall see what happens.

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The issue is that Chicago is in extremely close range of GRR, making most airlines uninterested. Allegiant would find this profitable though, as they don’t have a true hub in the Chicago area, so I see why they are doing this.


Also true, same thing with Detroit Metro. But a new route is a new route. And those are only seasonal🤷‍♂️

i’mma correct you on this. allegiant has a hub in Chicago/Rockford Int’l (KRFD).

The list I saw has you guys in 35th…


59 dollars on a scary airline, no thanks

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