Hartsfield Jackson Renaissance Spotting | Part 2 (The Southwest Specials)

Well here is part two! These are all of the special liveries I saw whilst spotting!

California One
This beautiful bird belongs to Southwest Airlines and is on a 737-700. By far one of their best liveries in my opinion!

Colorado One
Also on a -700! Not my favorite, but still nice nonetheless!

Missouri One
The only special -700 with the splits! A newer one as well, definitely one of my new favorites!

Maryland One
This may be one of the nicest planes out there! The colors blend so well together!

Expect a few more parts in the upcoming weeks! I’ll be on a cruise off WiFi for a week, but more to come after that!

Which one is your favorite?

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Awesome photos! I love seeing California One because I flew on it in August!!!

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Awesome pics, The California One is so cool !! 🤩


That’s so cool! I’d love to see any photos of you have any! So sorry about the late response, I’ve been on vacation

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