Hartsfield Jackson Renaissance Spotting! | Part 1 - The Heavies

This multiple part spotting series is here! In part 1, we have the heavies! All of these photos are from a two night trip to the Renaissance hotel! By far the best spotting I’ve ever done!

Kalitta Air 747-400
This giant bird can be seen departing for Ireland. Always great to see a 747, very interesting to see it mostly in white.

Delta A350-900
Arriving from the now one and only A350 route to Atlanta (Qatar replaced there’s with a 777), this plane can be seen landing from Seoul! It’s the first Delta A350 I’ve seen!

Turkish Airlines 787-900
Another aircraft switch, Turkish has replaced this route with a 787. It used to be done by a A330. Definitely not a bad thing!

KLM 777-300 (100 Years)
This is the first KLM 777 I’ve seen with the 100 years sticker! Seen here making a sunset touchdown.

Virgin Atlantic 747-400
This giant bird can be seen here rotating out to Manchester. How can you hate the VA livery!

The Antonov 124!
Saving the best for last, one of the worlds largest planes! Now, this plane was so far from my room, but enjoy the photos nonetheless.

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That Delta A350 is awesome ! 🤩👍🏽

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Amazing pictures 😉 Keep it up 👍

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Thank you both!

You must have mistaken here somewhere. These big bois always arrive from Ireland. Every Friday night they depart from Istanbul, bound to Shannon Airport, then out to the U.S.

I am not really sure why it is done that way (since other airports in Europe operating Kalitta flies non stop to the U.S. without stopping.), perhaps a refuelling stop.

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Awesome pictures mate!

Maybe, it was on its way back to Shannon

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Thanks man!

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The 787 and A350 smokedowns are amazing, great work

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Wonderful photos, first time back in the spotting topic and this is what I see, amazing. The 2nd and 5th photos are the best. I also like the AN-124 with the Delta MD-80 rotating. Great job!

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That Turkish 787-9 and KLM 777-300 are stunning! Fantastic pictures.

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Went spotting there in that same hotel but only saw a few cargo 747’s across the airport and a Qatar a350 land in front of us but that was it besides the normal delta 737 and airbus 319,320,321, and a 757/767 here and there and some crj/erj’s and mad dogs.

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I have connected through ATL several times recently and saw a lot of these same heavies, cool stuff.

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Thanks everyone! Glad y’all like them!

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