Hartsfield Atlanta no longer worlds busiest airport

Recently, it was revealed that the Worlds Busiest Airport, KATL is no longer that. It has been surpassed by Chicago O’Hare which will reclaim their title. It was busier in 2018 by aircraft movements. So what do your think, honestly I like Atlanta airport way more and hope it reclaims the title this year.


It isn’t a surprise to me because Chicago has been inching its way back up over the years. I have never flown into ATL but have flown into ORD. Many times actually because that’s where I used to live. ORD is too crowded but I like seeing it back on top of the list.

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Great way to start off my morning 😭😭😭

KATL is still nicer overall, though, even with the massive amount of traffic it gets every single day


KORD is my home airport so this is great to see!


I think ORD is my favorite airport to connect through I’ve never had a bad experience there! Congrats Chicago

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I would like ORD but I’m team ATL because Southwest flies there

Yeah, but I’m finding it hard to believe. Sorry. On the stats Atlanta had over 20 million more than ORD. It’s hard for a Airport to just get that much more and beat them like that. And hey. Atlanta still is the largest airport in the world.

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Well It doesn’t help that ATL is getting bigger and bigger planes cutting down on flights but increasing capacity just wait til the same thing reaches chicago ATL will get it back and ATL still moves more people.

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I like the layout of ATL way more.

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ATL is so more organized.

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I think KATL is definitely more organized and has a terminal layout that makes more sense. ORD is just… everywhere. The runway layout is crazy too!

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Ayyy!!! ORD! ORD! ORD! ORD!

Atlanta don’t got nothin on us!

We have the Plane Train. That alone beats ORD.

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We have a direct metro to the airport. Plus more runways.

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We have a direct MARTA line too. And, as the late great Notorius BIG said, Mo Runways, Mo Problems


hehe got me there. although ORD has its own vibe and a really nice layout. Atlanta is kind of blah.

I won’t say ATL is more organised than ORD (I’ve never flown into the latter so I can’t say personally), but I do prefer the runway layout in Atlanta. It is kinda boring though.

It is more organized. Just a glance at O’Hare airports runways going long in every which way gives me a headache. I like how ATL has an LAX style layout, simplifying things a bit

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Chicago is my home airport, it’s great to hear because they are always busy

I’m not too surprised. If you ever go on FR24 the airspace is always pretty busy.

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