HARROWING approach to Heathrow this morning

After a 2 hour flight from Ibiza (with 50mph headwinds for half the cruise 😏), I get sequenced into Heathrow in a huge line around 7:15 EST this morning…

I don’t know what it was but from 4 miles out, the ride got insane. Autothrottle bouncing from 2%-95% in less than a second, jittery ipad, guy behind me getting yelled at for duplicating messages and BOOM, into the runway with my 757 at -300fpm. Such a weird approach…turbulence was light with a manageable crosswind component. Server issues? Wind sheer? Did anyone else tumble into Heathrow this morning?

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London does seem to be rather windy right now. Looking at a tracker like windy.com we can see winds getting up to 46 knots:

It’s just windy whether, nothing much.

46 knots 😬

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The UK doing Uk things.

Welcome to London! I hope you enjoy your stay here! Main highlights include wind, rain and thunder! Oh, and we do make a nice cuppa too


You called Heathrow and i am here💧
I hope you are well.💧

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