Harrier 'Jump Jet' Family

Harrier ‘Jump Jet’ Family Thread

McDonnell Douglas AV-8B



The Harrier. An Icon? Probably.

This title is somewhat confusing but I thought that putting “History” or “Some Background” was a little stale and overused. Anyway! where do I start? The first ideas for this bird were conceived in the 50s believe it or not in the years following the Korean War (1950-1953), Many aircraft companies in Europe and North America decided to get their thinking caps on and investigate the possibility and viability of an aircraft with VTOL capabilities. For those of you who don’t know VTOL stands for vertical takeoff and landing. The advantages of this system are quite obvious it removes the need for runways by taking off and landing vertically rather than the conventional method. According to my research that may or may not have been enitrely from wikipedia many people thought the technology for VTOL should be applied to commercial aircraft which is… terrifying. Anyway a decade later the RAF and NATO were sniffing around for some VTOL goodness; luckily for them Hawker Siddeley had their fix. The first generation of these magnificent machines was the Hawker Siddeley GR.1/3 and the AV-8A Harrier. These were developed from an earlier prototype called the Hawker P.1127, which is an extremely catchy name. These entered service in 1969 and were so good that the US of A procured their own type for the marines which I believe is the only foreign aircraft ever to be used by the American armed forces. These aircraft were fired off the production line for 34 years with the last delivery coming in 2003.

Some Neat Specs (GR9)
  • Length: 46 ft (14 m)

  • Wingspan: 30 ft (9 m)

  • Height: 11 ft (3.76 m)

  • MTOW: 31,000lb (14,100 kg)

  • MAX KTS: 575 kts

  • Thrust: 110 kN

    How Can VTOL Be Implemented in IF?

This where I actually had to think instead of finding creative ways to reword the material from my ‘research’. My first idea is that we toggle the engine in different directions like we do with flaps. There would be a slidable button where you could select the angle at which you want the ‘nozzles’ of the aircraft this could either be shown as a percentage where 100% was facing towards the ground and 0% would for complete horizontal flight or option 2 it’s done automatically where you select a V takeoff button you increase the throttle and then it automatically moves the nozzles accordingly. However It’s my opinion that option 1 rules and option 2 is awful. The only drawback of option 1 is that Tyler would have to do a very complex and stressful tutorial on how to get the aircraft off the ground. It makes me heave just thinking about it.

The Elephant in the room

I’m already prediciting the “why should I vote for this when we can just have the F-35 instead” questions already and they’re making me sweat. Argument 1: If we were to have a new F-35 I don’t know if the devs are capable of creating that much wanted afterburner which wouldn’t make it as good as the real thing however with this jet there’s no need! which is awful and great at the same time but that is the definition of the British Aircraft Industry. Argument 2: to quote John Hutchinson former Concorde captain “This is a proper flight deck! None of this ponsy glass cockpit rubbish. These are proper instruments, needles and dials” the cockpit while slightly difficult to actually monitor is a real throwback and much more interesting to look at (subjective I know). It is also important to mention there is a HUD which means we get the best of both worlds regarding cockpits. Argument 3: It looks radically different to any aircraft in the sim. Even if you think it’s ugly there’s no denying it’s uniqueness whereas the F-35 is quite comparable with other jets most notably the F-22 which we already have in the game.

Operators with extremely beautiful stunning incredible mind blowing liveries

I would love to hear your thoughts on this perhaps suggest some other ways VTOL can be implemented but do try and keep it civil because there’s nothing quite as bad as a violent argument on how a flight system can be implemented on a mobile flight sim. And as a a final sentence with just one vote for eternity you can help give a sad Brit a fighting chance of having his feature developed. Please help. Thanks for visiting. Adieu!

Unfortunately I don’t have a vote to spare right now but this is an AMAZING feature request. Of all the military aircraft out there, the Jump Jet and the V22 Osprey are amongst my all time favourite.

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I’d absolutely love to see this is Infinite Flight! Let me see if I can drop a vote on something else for ya.

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I was surprised there wasn’t a decent thread for this it’s a top tier plane.

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This would be great, but then again. An xcub and some headwind makes a great harrier lol.

But seriously though, I really do think current aircraft should be prioritised for reworks before we start adding aircraft

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VTOL would be amazing

Me too but this thread was made in preparation for when they start the new stuff again in about 100 years 😂😂


I think this is an amazing addition. Im out of votes currently but if im able to free one up, its coming here!

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Thanks votes mean dev attention!

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This would be absolutely amazing to have, great request!

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Wow this really would be awesome to see, such an iconic piece of British aviation history.

It would take time to develop the physics, however would definitely be worth it! Awesome request :D

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It would literally become the hardest thing to land in the game by far, but that’s why i want it.

The physics will certainly be the most challenging aspect of the development. If we were to have this it would be so radically different to anything we have had to date in the aircraft department.

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Would love to see this in IF, you have my vote.

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Hope we get to see it eventually

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Maybe in 2030 😅😂


That’s being generous 😂

If you want to fly the harrier >> War Thunder, has got the new harrier update, it looks stunning give it a try if you can. Ps not sure if it’s paid or free.

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