Harish_Kumar1's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello and welcome to my atc tracking thread.I am currently practicing my atc skills before the practical test so I decided to create this thread for practising and feedback.


I was just there using callsign BIONIC.
Overall, your ATC was great.

Your ground controlling was perfect. Nicely done using the “You were already instructed to change frequency” command when I requested a change. Also, nicely done with the runway crossing and taxi instructions.

Your tower proficiency was almost perfect. You cleared me for the option at the correct time, and avoided the “after the option, make left traffic” command for the first pattern.

Runway change: You did great! You used a pattern entry command, and included “After the option, make left traffic” which surprised me as not many people do this.

Go around: You handled this well! Nice job.

My only issue: When I reported my position on left downwind, you told me that I was already cleared to land and that I should avoid unnecessary reports. However, if an aircraft is in the pattern and has been cleared for the option, it is considered a courtesy to let the controller know in advance that the aircraft will be making a full stop.
Telling someone to avoid unnecessary reports should only be used when:

  • They have been cleared to land and report their position
  • They announce their position on the touch and go (If you clear them for the option and they say "on left downwind, touch and go).

Overall, your controlling was good, and I would recommend contacting an IFATC Recruiter with the required information. They will be able to tell you what information you need to know.

Feel free to ask any questions!


Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience. (i didnt read the position message completely, will not repeat this).
Thank you

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So your still open? @Harish_Kumar1

yes,will be for another half hour

i forgot to mention the time sorry

stop by for some patterns if you like

Sorry this time I’m busy

But for the next

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will be back soon

Thanks for your time today
Until next time …

@Harish_Kumar1 Very good job I had no problems. Only on quick comment on my second go around (when I announced full stop) that was due to you forgetting my clearance, other than that great job. Assuming you can handle 4-5 more aircraft you could be a great candidate for IFATC (assuming you want to). Thanks for controlling!

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Thanks for coming
(sorry i forgot the landing clearance , i thought the cleared for option stands for landings too,
will rectify this)

Oh no I just never received any clearance option or landing.

oh!how did i forget that
i did forget the clearance
sorry for the inconvenience

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U open right?

No problem everything else was spot on.

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yes ,i am still open

Ok will visit

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Hey @Harish_Kumar1left traffic is not possible due to the terrain. Pls use right traffic

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I have to go ill come when u open again :)

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Ok, see you then :)