Harish_Kumar1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Air Traffic Control

Welcome to my ATC Tracking thread

Purpose: improve air traffic management skills (ATC)

About me:

Hi there , my name is Harish Kumar .Been here since 2017 as a witness to hundreds of tracking threads . I Love Planes and Infinite flight and I am an aviation enthusiast.

I passed the IFATC written test but the practical part had some problems. I’m here to learn and improve my skills and retake the test .

It has been about 2months since that test(and 2 threads ago!!) and for various reasons I was not much active ,so I’m starting with really small airports and then will work my way up with your help and support.

Feel free to correct me when I make a mistake because without your help and support this task is impossible to do.

Also, I will be unable to see or respond to threads when controlling and once I finish the session I will see all the improvements and corrections to be made and will work on it .

And Finally each and every session will be on the Training Server . Most of the chosen airports will be near to a major airport so that you can do a short flight but if pattern-work or practicing landing on a certain aircraft is what you wish ,then please drop by .

Also Each session will be an hour long so you can do a fly-in too.

and , Thanks for reading and supporting despite busy schedules with online classes or work !!

The airport and time of opening will be posted soon


Session 1

Today the airport being controlled is KNUC


A historic place in infinite flight . The best place to go to in SOCAL before global. If you missed it these days then here’s a time for a review .

Will be at the tower for an hour from now i.e 0930Z-1030Z. 2020-05-28T09:30:00Z2020-05-28T10:30:00Z

KNUC Ground

KNUC Tower

Hope everyone enjoys this session.

Here a diagram of the airport in case you need it :

(Image from `Virtual hub’ app)

Thanks to everyone who came !!
Will be back soon
Until next time…

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Session 2

The airport being controlled now is EDDF

Huge airport with 4 runways and lots of taxiways !!!

Will be at the tower for an hour from now i.e 2020-05-28T12:20:00Z2020-05-28T14:30:00Z


EDDF Ground

EDDF Tower


Hope everyone enjoys this second session
Have a nice day !!

Thank you everyone who came
Will be back soon
Until next time …

Session 3

The airport being controlled now is EGGW

**Will be at the tower for some time **


EGGW Ground

EGGW Tower

Active Runway 08

Drop by if you can

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Hiya @Harish_Kumar1. If you did not know I was N121WS, the EZY A319 doing patterns.

My Feedback for the Session

  • Firstly I noticed a lot of the time you were giving commands very slowly, I don’t know if you were doing something else at the same time but if not just try and familiarise yourself with them more.
  • Secondly, when doing patterns you asked me to change from right traffic to left traffic! Why? There were no other aircraft so this was not really necessary.
  • Your transition was good, well done!
  • Now your biggest mistake, giving me Runway 26 (the red runway), you even stated in your post Runway 08 was in use so when I ask for a runway change you should have said unable! This is very important!
  • And that annoying F-22 he requested takeoff extremely early whilst still in parking, instead of telling him to hold short you should have transferred him back to ground!
  • When that F-22 took off unauthorised when I was on final, you told me to G/A this was good but a bit late!
  • And finally the exit runway command, this was very late given to me at 35kts when it should be given at 65kts - 75 kts!

Apart from these small things you did great and you are well on our way to IFATC! I would like to see you with a few more pilots however, perhaps tag some people from other threads or ask people from VA’S you belong to!

Happy Flying & Best of Luck with the rest of your Session
Cign :D

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Thank you for the feedback @Captain_Cign
I’ll familiarize myself with the commands and that’s what lead to slow exit runway commands !!!
And the change to right traffic was just for fun like airspace was free and thought that a change would be nice. Sorry!!

Thanks a lot for coming
You were the first person to come and respond to the thread ( all 3 sessions Combined !!!). .
I’ll try tagging the next time

Thanks again for the advice and will work on the same.
Hope to see you in upcoming sessions too if you can

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I’m currently approach for Luton. :) Hope you don’t mind.

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Happy to provide ATC service !!!😃

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Sorry @Anthony_Vo I though you were on approach to EGGW😅 . Just saw the frequency .
Thanks for the help!!!

Your welcome!

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I’m done atc’ing for today, hope you handled the traffic well, and I hope I controlled traffic so it was easier for you to handle, have a good day :)

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Thank you to everyone to came
@Captain_Cign and @Anthony_Vo thanks a lot for your support

Will be back soon
Until next time…

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A doubt that I have
Anyone who knows pls clarify !!

Here’s a pic of London Luton airport, EGGW

When an aircraft requests takeoff from either 08 or 26 , should ATC assign backtaxi RWYXX ,line up and wait by default or should the decision be based on a particular reason . If so then what is it !!!

I tried size but most of the planes that can spawn there are either 737s or A320 max …

Thanks for reading
Reply if you can and have the time

I would just back taxi for commercial aircraft. If it’s GA, probably would matter.

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For runway 26 yes, however for 08 its at controllers discretion, you have to judge if they will make it in time! Hope this helped!

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Thanks bro!!

Thank you @Captain_Cign
( At the time, an Aircraft was on final 6nm for RWY 08 and on ground I gave takeoff clearance for a plane (737) but he backtaxied and that caused a go around so I needed to know if i made a mistake in clearing him .)

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*Session 4

The airport being controlled now is VOML
**Mangalore International Airport **


VOML Tower

Active RWY: 24

Drop by if you can

(Really sorry gtg NOW CLOSED)

**Now open at TNCM for some time . **
**Drop by if you can **
Active Rwy 10

i’m 2h and 30mins away but i’ll be there

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