Haribo’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOED] @ N/A

Radar tracking thread

Hello all, I’m starting a tracking thread to practice my ATC radar skills! This will consist of multiple sessions of which I will practice radar controlling!

All sessions will be listed on posts below, you are more then welcome to come along and fly!


There are 4 main type of approaches:


Intercepts must be 30 degrees and you must intercept the localiser before the glide scope


Please make sure you have a suitable IAP filed for this as you will be likely told to continue as filed


Visual is an approach of which you must see the runway in order to be cleared, if you see the runway just report airport in sight once asked to do so

Radar Vectors

These are vectors to the airport, you will be handed off to tower at a suitable time

When flying these approaches please look out for the following things

Separation bust of which is less than 3nm to a surrounding aircraft

Terrain bust of which is less then 1000ft AGL

Efficiency, how could I have made the approach quicker and easier?

Thank you in advance and I hope you enjoy my session!


Hey, @Haribo. Mind adding me to the ping list? :)

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Feel free to add me as well.

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Will tag you both! Thank you very much

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Feel free to tag me :)

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Will do!

Thank you very much

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Of course, no problem thanks also.

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Add me to your list if you’d like! I’d be more than happy to come by if it fits for me during those times! 😊

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Will do, thank you!

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Time: 2021-07-03T21:00:00Z2021-07-03T22:00:00Z

Airport: EGCC

Frequencies: Ground | Tower | Approach | Center (London)

Session information: In this session both me and @CPTO will be controlling. @Haribo will be on radar and CPTO will be on local.

Local instructions

Please fly local patterns and create conflicts where necessary (give way commands). All patterns will be done on local frequency

Radar instructions

Please fly inbound from an airport, either file an approach or be vectored to the airport with one of the 4 approaches. On completion of approach you will be handed off to local

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Myself and @DannyHL will come for a couple of patterns!


Manchester… then I’ll drop by with and Emirates in 6h

I’ll swing by now :)


I’ll stop by as well.

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Thanks for the service y’all! Everything was great on the Approach side, but there was one thing to note from a Tower perspective. I called inbound on the Visual for landing, not T&G, but was cleared for the option. While this does clear me for a landing, a landing clearance would have been more appropriate.

Great job, both of you.

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On tower, clearances shouldn’t be given if arriving traffic is 3nm or less from the runway. No matter how fast I went, it would force a go around which happened. After that, departing traffic must have their takeoff cancelled. I rejected my takeoff in order to not climb into the missed approach aircraft which in turn forced another go around


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Thank you so much for attending!

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Feedback - G-KYSW

EGCC Radar - No problems.

EGCC Tower:

  • When an aircraft executes a missed approach, rather than sending them directly to radar, you can tell them to G/A then send to radar.
  • Late sequence for me.
  • If tower ever gets busy with arrivals, you can send patterns to approach so they can be integrated by the radar frequency.

Altogether not bad!


@CPTO Feedback for you at EGCC Local

On the ground

  • Good give way
  • Good takeoff request

In the pattern

  • Quicker sequences are needed or needed in general. I got mine late on the first pattern and then never received one on the second one. Sequences are best to be given on crosswind or upwind if needed
  • With sequencing, look ahead at the situation. Many times the initial sequences were good but eventually didn’t work out and put me on top or behind other aircraft not intended. This cause loss of separation and Go arounds. Don’t be scared to resequenced as needed.
  • Good clearances overall
  • No exit runway. Thankfully, due to a change in the ATC manual, unless I announce full stop, the speed at which one is received (70kts) is no longer a thing. But, I never got one nor a frequency change to ground when I exited.

On the ground again

  • No give way to the aircraft taxiing as I was exiting. This resulted in a close call on the ground

I’d recommend not working with radar in the initial stages of local training as a heads up. While it is good practice, it makes it hard to get the basics and isn’t part of the test.


This was to save time, we are both at the same stage of training local and radar and the plan was supposed to work, however it’s hard when you were expecting 5 planes and you get 25!

Thank you so much though

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Radar - > @Haribo

1st Pattern → ILS approach.

-[21:22:24] Early intercept. You shouldn’t always vector the intercepts to the cone. Captured the G/S and LOC at the same time.
-Almost busted with G-KYSW. You handed off at 100ft before the bust.

2nd pattern → VIS app

-Downwind for VIS was a bit low. My lowest altitude was 1,400ft.
-No clearence. Straight to a hand-off.

@CPTO → Manchester Tower

1st inbound

-I was cleared to land, when I was touch and go, so my clearence should be “for the option”.
-No runway exti command.

On Ground

-Took a long time from my runway cross request to my clearence for the runway change.

2nd inbound:

-Nice job noticing I was inbound for landing and giving me a landing clearemce.
-Nice back taxi command.

You guys are doing great. Keep it up!