Hardware (Saitek Yoke/MS Panel)

I Am thinking Of Buying Some Saitek gear

  • Saitek Pro flight Yoke (Throttle Included)
    -Saitek flight Multi Switch Panel

Could You Give Me Pros And Cons?

Hello there! The I would not recommend using the Saitek Yoke for this Sim if you use an iOS device, as I have found that the Rudder Pedals (if you’re planning on investing in them as well for the full setup) confuse the system and you would have to use the on screen rudder by hand if you want to turn correctly. This is simply because the Sim is not advanced enough to handle the rudder pedals with all of its axes. It is much simpler if you just use a joystick and throttle, such as the Thrustmaster or Logitech joysticks. As for the switch panel, I have never tried and hooked up, as I ran into the roadblock with the ruder pedals. And if you are using an Android device, that is uncharted territory for me and I don’t know how the app responds. I hope this helps!

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The Saitek yoke doesnt come with rudder pedals though…

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Then what would you use to control the rudder?

Also the rudder pedals work if you connect it to IF connect via wifi and a pc

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I’ve tried and it through the computer and messes up the program on my iPad. It reads it as over 1000 axis.

You can control the rudders on the ground with the yoke and also the yoke does have a 4 direction axis thumb trigger on the left that allows you to use the rudder, while it’s not perfect you easily use this system without actual rudders - but I would preferably use the rudders connected via If connect on the pc

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So you’re using iOS and it’s an issue, I’d recommend mentioning that in your initial comment because you didn’t mention it was an iPad that you were using with the yoke and pedals, before telling someone not to use specific equipment it’s sometimes important to include the platform you’re using as well

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Okay. I will clear that up.

Check my setup here (throttle pedals work fine for me)… I did a thing...

If you have any questions PM me!

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Which type of rudder pedals work with IF? I have one and it doesn’t work…

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So, IOS just isn’t good for the rudder petals?

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