Hardlanding_Hussain's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ LFBO

Purpose of this Thread

Hello there! I’m trying to boost my ATC skills a bit, although I’m not considering joining IFATC (might tho), I want to atleast be a good ATC controller, I’m completely new, so don’t expect amazing results, I’m not even properly familiar with the commands yet lol😂, but that’s how you learn right?


Toulouse Blagnac Airport



Tower, Ground



come stop by for some patterns

If you are open later I will stop by

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I’m open right now and might open at or around 10:30Z too, shall I tag you next time?

No sorry will not be on then. Maybe later

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Coming to do some patterns in the TBM

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thank you!

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any feedback? :)

Still open?

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yes sir! feel free to stop by :)

I smell feedback!

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Ok @Hardlanding_Hussain very interesting session… Quite a few things to learn from…


  • Ground commands were good and nothing wrong there…
  • You noticed a conflict and gave a give way command to the aircraft on my right, however this was done way, way, way to late when the aircraft was physically going through my wing… After this you told the aircraft to continue taxi but you never told him to hold position just give-way to me so this was completely unnecessary and over controlling!
  • Very Important: When I say remaining in the pattern you have to give me left or right traffic so I know how to enter, you did not give this and left it purely up to me…
  • Next like a split second later, you told Tango Golf to hold short but he did not announce his intentions! Another case of over controlling!
  • Next like 2 seconds later you gave me clearance for the option but told me to make right traffic after this was unnecessary because I was in the pattern, this normally is only done after a runway change but this airport only has one runway! Another case of over controlling!
  • You noticed a potential conflict and gave me an Ill call your base well done for thinking ahead! However the turn base command was quite late and could have been done a lot earlier! This comes with practice.
  • You cleared Tango Golf for the option number 1 when I was on final, number 1 and he was on crosswind… There can’t be two number ones! You noticed your mistake and corrected yourself! However did not say correction stand by and simply just carried on…
  • On many attempt sequencing was done way to late, primarily this should be done on crosswind!
  • You then told me to turn base when the traffic was 11NM out and on short final (aka way to late) and then to make matters worse you told me to adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead… I could have been going Mach 1 and he still would have landed before I got to him! Another case of over controlling!
  • You then told the aircraft to exit the runway not exit runway traffic on final, which I was, this is important because I didn’t really want to go around… However I was still 6NM out so you should have told the aircraft holding short to line up and wait as soon as Tango Golf touched the ground, this is called efficiency and instead of him holding short until I landed he could have been up in the air.
  • Exit runway command was slightly late it should be at 70kts not 60kts!
  • Then… You told Foxtrot Bravo to takeoff when I was still vacating the runway, still seconds away from an exit. Yes I told you to be efficient but not that efficient!
  • And finally on my first pattern landing you told me to exit runway! I was at 100kts that is not an exit speed and you should have known I was going to takeoff again because I was doing touch & go’s!

Ok session but I do think you can do much much better, revise the Perfect Test and look at some tutorials and you will get much better! And remember do not over control!

See you in the skies :)

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Thanks a LOT for the feedback

Lifetime note taken!

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I’ll open again at or around 16:30Z, would you like me to tag you?

Sure… however I might be busy…

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Got it! Thank you :D

Yes - all my feedback was covered by the post above :)

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Got it! Thanks!

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I am able to help at 4:30 zulu.

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I should probably be open then