Hardlanding_Hussain’ s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @OIII (Passed Practical!)


Tehran - OIII



Tower, Ground


Good for you Eh! Cannot wait to see you on the team!

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Open at Jakarta (WIII)! come by for a pattern or 2 if you can! ;)

now closed

Open at KMSP!

Open at KDSM! Come by for a pattern or two if you can ;)

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I had stopped by with the callsign VT-JEL. Below are listed a few of my observations:

  1. My Go Around (G/A) could have been avoided - there was no traffic on the runway at that time.

  2. Sending me on right traffic after the go around could have prevented the conflict between me and Yellow 1.

  3. The conflict between me on downwind and Yellow 1 on final could have been prevented by using “extend upwind” for me, before i turn crosswind. That’s where intersecting runways can get tricky and require the controller to be proactive!

  4. I received an “i’ll call your base” on crosswind, but the “turn base” command wasn’t received, resulting in a long downwind for me.

  5. Runway changes and clearance timings were handled well.

Hope the feedback was helpful and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any queries. Thanks!

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Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll take the things you said into account and apply them next time! :)

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Open @OKBK! Come by for some patterns if you can ;)

Hi there 👋

Can you tag me in your next session?

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Sure I can!

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Open at OIII! Come by if you can! ;)


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Great! I will go in 30 min because I’m in class now :)

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Alright Gotcha, thanks!

Feedback for Lot 001VA:

  • Late exit runway command was given at 55kts instead of 80-80kts.

That the only issue! Amazing job!

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Thanks mate! Really Appreciate it! 😊

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Callsign: G-USMN


  • Requested pushback and got approval, I was in TBM that does not require pushback. Remember all GAs and Fighters cannot pushback

  • Requested frequency change: I was supposed to be given “already instructed to change” rather than handing me off to Tower


  • Transition: Spot on

  • Inbound: No issues with pattern entry & sequence & Clearance with direction

  • “Extend downwind” was not needed. Pilots are responsible for spacing when they are given sequence. I was just trying to avoid the terrain on left downwind and it looked like i was about to turn base but that wasn’t my intention.

  • Nice timing for exit runway instr


  • Requested taxi rather than “Req taxi to parking” I wanted to go back onto the runway but you gave me taxi to parking. Just watch out for that next time :)

Overall great session. Keep it up :)

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Feedback: SPCL

This session was excellent!
All commands were given correctly and the runway change was handled correctly.

See you in your next session :)

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Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! Really appreciate it and thanks a lot for coming by, and to many of my Training sessions as well! 😊

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Thanks a lot for coming by! 😊

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Now closed! Thank you very much to the people who came by!