Hardest plane to butter in IF?

Agreed… I have had very little success with this plane.

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It’s sad to mention that one of the butter landing machines is none other than the A330-200F, because it has not had its hydraulic parts in the landing gear modified, making the plane more difficult during the landing.


but the sim?

I find the A332 to be a good handler. Easy to land
In my opinion. It just dosent like ground turns ha

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What do you mean? Could you please elaborate further?

When taxiing on the ground the A332 requires a lot of power/momentum to negotiate corners without losing speed and stopping.

Ohh, that’s true.

Yep. Other old aircraft have the same problem, especially the C-130. Turning in that thing takes a decade

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Agreed it takes forever to even turn it

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Cessna 172 lol

absolutely not