Hardest landing you've ever been on

Hey! It’s me Kevin! I’m just wondering that what’s the hardest landing you have ever been on? Mine was on a united 737 landing from Cancun to Washington IAD.


I can happily say that I’ve never experienced what I would consider a hard landing.


Mine was a on a southwest 737-700 from PHX-DCA, to and insult to injury they have to almost stop on the dime since DCA has such a short runway.

P.S. It was a great vacation though

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That’s how you properly land at DCA, or else the plane goes off the end of the runway. Remember, always aim to land in the touchdown zone, the smoothness is just the icing on the cake.


A Cathay 747 coming into 7L at HKG, pilot realized that he was floating so he slammed it down. Flaring was a mere rumour at that point.


Once in a WN 737…the plane was landing during crosswinds.

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Here comes @blizzard again:)

PS: many 737s had hard landings?

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They’re built tough unlike those croissant-birds.


And pretty ugly looking especially the 100s and 200s


Hoping for some fun flying into Wellington tmmrw

@Potato_pilot :p


I can’t think of any hard landings I’ve had, other than me landing in IF, but I do always remember the smoothest landing I’ve been on, a Singapore Airlines flight from Incheon back to Changi so quietly.

I’ve hadn’t many in Southwest 737s. I can remember one bad one in Boston a couple years ago.

I had one on a United 737-900ER flying BOS-DEN where we bounced by quite a bit. Those 739s tend to have very hard landings!

Mine was on United on a 739 while coming back to Miami from Houston. I was surprised we even landed on our first attempt since it was raining hard.

I’d have to say that mine was aboard a United Express Beechcraft 1900D flying into North Eleuthera Airport, but I’m assuming that it was just because of the small plane and the beat up runway. Other than that, all my flights seemed to have fairly smooth landings.


I was coming into Sydney on a VA 737 on a wet and windy night, extremely hard landing, luckily everyone had their seatbelts on, if they hadn’t possibly could have been a few injuries…

I must need glasses because I thought the title said something about landings and not looks lel

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KDFW-KLIT AAL E-175 landed fast was on high on approach and landed about 1/3 down the runway thats 8275 feet long and it had heavy braking and TR deployed late

Alitalia E190 to London City
2 go around and at the end an extremely hard landing

I was gonna say something else but I won’t…😌

As a matter of stereotypical flights, it was a Ryanair flight… :P One go around and another “setter”

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Thought it would be funny to report it this way: A Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique B737-700 registation C9-BAQ perfoming flight TM 191 from Lichinga to Maputo via Nampula, departed on schedule from runway 05 heading to Maputo. Seconds from ending what would be a perfect flight, BAM!, the gears hit the ground hard, scaring some passangers.