Hardest Landing You Have Seen or Experienced

Haha it was just a joke! I was saying that only on a budget airline would people do that and laugh like that.

Which airline was it?

RYR does not fly into, never mind train at LCY. No airline does apart from special certification. They don’t train at LGW either. They train at East Midlands, with a 10000ft runway. There is also no evidence their training is any worse than other airlines. They have the same ATPL with the same certification and ability to fly into CAT III conditions as any other B737 pilot.

Please, unless you can back them up with any sort of evidence, don’t make fabricated claims. In a world where everyone is moaning about ‘fake news’, it dosen’t help anyone.


Delta 767 crosswind landing at JFK after a flight from LAX. This was back in 2014. I had an aisle seat, so I didn’t know what was coming. About 4 seconds before touchdown, I squinted out an open window, and saw the wings rocking back and forth. We touched down at about -500 fpm (I’m guessing)

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Eurowings. They don’t operate that route anymore though.

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This is why I don’t like the aisle seats. I need to know things lol.

I was on a Hawaiian A332 landing into Daniel K Inouye International (PHNL) when we dropped a couple feet during descent, after that, I saw a sliver of light from the airport whilst peering out the window(I was in the middle aisle) then, all of a sudden, we slammed on the ground. I don’t think we bounced(Or I may not remember, it was late at night) but after that, everyone in the cabin was complaining.

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