Hardest Landing You Have Seen or Experienced

Since a topic similar to this is about 3 years old, I am going to make this one.

Mine would probably be from LAX-DAL on July 18 on Virgin America. The approach was ridiculously rough…we had passengers holding on to their seats. Landing had a huge breaking after a hard thump. Technicians were in the cockpit as soon as we started deboarding.

So that is my experience…but what if you had an experience like this?

All those poor passengers never knew it was coming…listen closely to their reaction…it is absolutely hilarious!


Landing in Zürich, SWISS 77W… Weather was terrible and the aircraft slammed into the ground. The rest of the flight was fine though

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Landing in Cancun onboard a Delta A320. The weather was fine, but the plane landed so hard and bounced on the runway. I wasn’t paying attention really much outside and I felt a huge jolt when we touched down.

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Only on a budget airline…

My hardest landing was probably arriving in Nashville during heavy storms. Extremely rough approach and landing.

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Qantas. Clear night and the pilot slammed the 738 into the rwy. Don’t know how…

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Air NZ ATR 72-600 in extreme winds over 100KMH absolutely smashed the ground and bounced up and went around

Norwegian 737-800 last summer landing at Gatwick. I don’t know what happend but that landing was really hard. They actually checked the nose gear after the landing.

Envoy E-175 landing at Little Rock from Dallas. Smashed it into he ground and hit the spoilers and reverses late. Thought we were about to go around!


ANZ A320 Landing in Wellington on a really windy day. Landing wasn’t actually too bad but was the most rough landing I had been on. After we landed the pilots forgot to raise the flaps and lower the spoilers until just before we stopped at the gate

Whenever you fly into Santa Ana, they always slam it down, as they don’t have much runway to use. This past November, I flew in when it was raining, that resulted in a pretty hard touchdown, but that was expected. Was a Frontier flight.

Flew Frontier into Denver this past October during a windy night and we were coming in so fast that I thought for sure we were committing to a go around.

But we just slammed into that runway to the point where the whole aircraft bounced in the air and everyone was literally levitated above their seats for maybe half a second.

When we finally pulled off the runway, a rescue vehicle escorted us to the terminal where we sat waiting for our gate for over 15 minutes as we had arrived early.

The whole cabin reeked of jet fuel and I love the smell, but not when I feel like my head is plunged into the barrel of it.
To this day I have no idea what happened or why we landed so hard or why it smelled of jet fuel as badly as it did, but it was the worst landing I’ve ever been a part of. Must have been a brand new pilot landing or something lol.

DISCLAIMER: I still love F9 to death. As long as it’s not my death during landing lol

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And why would you think that?
Anything to support you comment?

Anyway, my hardest landing experience was probably with Aer Lingus. It was a rough approach and and was pretty foggy, so probably that’s why.


The hardest landing I experienced was on an a340-300 from Cologne to Dubai. We touched down at about 1 am local time and it was quite rough.

We had a windy day in Fort Lauderdale once, our Southwest craft bounced back up and came back down. It wasn’t too bad but was jittering.

Landing in KJFK from EGLL on Virgin Atlantic it was a firm but wouldn’t call it a hard landing. I was certainly startled but not afraid. We bounced up for less than a half second then came down.

JetBlue A320 @TLPL (Hewanorra Intl). Not too much room for floating on landing, so they kind of just put it down, still sub-par though.

Does Ryanair pilots know how to flare?

Ryanair pilots are just as qualified as any other pilot.
However, because Ryanair flies to secondary or even tertiary airports in cities to save on landing costs, those airport runways are much much shorter, this means that even though they know how to float the aircraft they simply don’t have the room on the runway to do so.
They have to set it down hard to not overrun the runway.

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This is partly true but however not the reason for their hard landings. As Gatwick, and London City as well as Luton are hubs for RyanAir, this is a “a training ground” for many new first officers. Mostly because these new pilots have poor training at such a small runway. They do not know how to successfully land in such conditions or procedures. (For all those negative)

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Ryanair doesn’t fly to London City, the largest aircraft that can fly there is the A318, and that needs special certifications.
But I do agree that pilots for Ryanair tend to be more inexperienced and are just starting their careers.
However, there are limits to how smooth even the most experienced pilots can stick the bird down on shorter runways.