Hardest landing challenge with EAviation


Sorry that i have been inactive lately, been really busy with… life.
Today me and @EAviation did the hardest landing challenge. I beat him because I’m just better. I had -2331 and he had -2000

Here’s me just casually taxing through a building

Me Turing for my final

Short short final

Impact #1


Extreme nose gear landing

Casual taxi
It was fun, sorry I beat you @EAviation.
Okay bye, Rick Astley loves all of you :)


Just to clarify, this was done on casual server 😂

also i had -2200 fpm 👀

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Very realistic landings! Exactly like RyanAir!


Thanks! Putting in my pilot application for them rn

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I think I have you beat 😉

I’d send a replay, but unfortunately IFC doesn’t take .mov files :(

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Do it on discord, it’s my IFC username

How are you able to tell your landing rate? Do you estimate based on your VS on touchdown or is there a feature that tells you fpm on touchdown?

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By this:

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Ohh I gotcha, thanks!

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I use a app called IF operations

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