Hardest Decision of my Life | 787 or Live?

I have exactly, 4.99USD

I’m stuck between 787 or Live!

  • Boeing 787
  • Live

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This is the toughest decision. I would go live but then you would miss out on the 787.


Get the 787 for now. When you have enough for live, you should get it, as live will only last for a month.

I don’t know, maybe the 787 but remember this:

your choice is in your heart :)

787 for sure, definitely. It may just be me but Live was never really interesting enough for me to consistently keep buying

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Looks like 787 is winning

altho live is still

Save up, and get live+. Then you get all the planes and regions. But for now, live


I can’t get live… My parents forbit to spend over 30$ over the internet…

I feel you…but I still managed to get Live+ (: It wasn’t easy to persuade them lol.


Go to a supermarket, get and redeem a 50 dollar gift card and buy live+, then you can have all regions and aircraft for free and it lasts 12 months.

A strategy which probably will work:
Begg them

Not from K.C. UNDERCOVER for sure

Anyway nevermind my parents bought me a 100$ gift card for my birthday.

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I’d say 787 as you have it forever whilst the live only lasts a month

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Live+ coz you get all the 787 and live

If only one then the 787

I’m not gonna beg them… Cry or else…

Same here! 🤗🤑

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FirstWorldProblems it’s meant to be hashtag get but that made it into a header…

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Get the 787, you’ll have it forever over somthing that is a limited time offer. Thats more logical.

Oohh. That is a tough one. I can’t really speak on behalf of the 787, because I haven’t gotten to test it yet, but I would have to tell you to get Live instead. There are so many great features and things to experience with live, that you can’t get with Solo. And besides, you can already get the 787 later. ;)

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I must’ve spent over four times as much as this allready. I’m broke.

You got both Live and all aircrafts