Hardest Airport To Land At

G’day IFC,

I was wondering what you all think is the hardest airport to land at in IF? I’d personally say either Lukla or CO03 but I wanna see what you guys think as there are so many that I probably don’t even know exist.

If any of you guys know any really challenging ones, please let me know as I need airports to practise buttering the bread on.


LFHU is a fun one. challenging in some aspects but more fun then anything

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Try Paro airport (VQPR) or Nice (LFMN) is also fun. Just try to follow the charts and real procedures.

Lukla definitely

Lukla isn’t very hard


Gibraltar Airport definitely…

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It may seem weird but I have a list and I will give reasons.

  1. Key West, short runway so you have to plant it down especially if you are in a non regional jet like a 737 which does fly there.
  2. San Diego, you have to come in relatively shallow and then steep then land immediately. I have tried coming in steep the whole way and no matter what had a very hard landing or landed 1/2 way down the runway.
  3. Charleston, West Virginia because it is a short runway onto of a small mountain. I land all the time and if you think you will land farther than the touchdown zone then go around because you will overrun the runway.
    These airports don’t have difficult approaches and may seem easy to land it but are deceptively difficult especially in windy conditions.

I know its your opinion, but i wouldnt call San Diego or Key West the “hardest airports to land at”. Airports such as Paro , Madeira or Lukla are more difficult ;)

In calm weather no they aren’t but if it is windy or that weird thing where there is lots of turbulence and a gentle breeze they can be. The list I made are airports that can be easy but in different conditions that easiness turns into difficulty. Month ago I had to make 2 go arounds at KSAN because winds kept changing and went from a breeze then suddenly 17 knots. My list aren’t airports with typically and popularly difficult approaches but the deceptive ones :)

This topic basically states the most difficult airports.

For GA aircraft

  • Lukla (VNLK)
  • Courchevel (LFLJ) <<I recommend

For commercial aircraft

  • Tegucigalpa (MHTG)
  • Paro (VQPR)
  • Aspen (KASE)
  • Washington National River Visual (KDCA) rwy 19

I’ve also noticed that CO03 (Just next to KASE) is also really hard as you have to start your approach into the same valley as KASE but then make a sharp turn in to land onto a 1200ft runway. You also can’t go around as it is completely surrounded by mountains and you have to be very high on the approach as there is another mountain just in front of the runway. To Conclude, it’s really hard to land on.


I haven’t ever try Lukla or those airport you mark above, I mean in my opinion its Gibraltar: small, heavy winds and near a mountain…
Have a nice day!

I definitely agree with Key West. If you’re landing there in a 737 you really have to make sure you get the wheels down quickly

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The hardest airport I think by far is TFFJ . Its unbelievable how they manage to do it in real life.

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Another tricky one is Runway 33 at KASE. You can only do a visual approach on 33 as opposed to ILS on 15. I did it in real life last year and it was quite tricky as you had to go in on the approach at a very high altitude and pull the power quite early, giving you not much space to stop. They don’t let any planes bigger than a CRJ-200 do it and it can be a nightmare sometimes.

When you try Lukla you’ll see what we all mean ;-)

At Gibraltar you can go around, at Lukla that’s not even an option

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It’s a similar situation at LFHU, where you gotta commit to the landing, and the 1400ft of runway that you have.


Yep above the piano keys at 20 feet and then plant it down.

Absolutely, no EMAS in Infinite Flight yet! XD

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This Friday, I’ll get a subscription, I will let you know my experience!

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