Hardest aircraft for you to takeoff

I have seen some of these about landing, so I think it would be nice to have one about taking off. Anyways for me the hardest plane to takeoff would probably be the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. This plane has always been a challenge for me and a lot of the time I need to take it off in its minimum weight, I also need to lower the sensitivity for a lot of things for it!

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Lets stop these topics :D
Anyway, 739.


It’s not always depending on the aircraft in my opinion. For me, no matter what the aircraft, it depends on the weight, trim, and how much thrust I am applying (I don’t use full thrust anymore)

For most of the aircafts i play with low pitch sensivity.The reason why i do is to do more stabilized approaches,takeoffs and landings.For example i put pitch sensivitiy all the way back on 777-200ER and add %55 trim for take off and % 30-35 for landing.By doing that take offs become more realistic and satisfying.But some aircrafts in IF like 767 i can’t do it and always goes bad,yeah it’s 767 for me.If only i didn’t buy it :)

Please try to post topics that encourage quality dialogue. This falls closely to the “guess the aircraft” type posts.