Harder to takeoff/land the new updated 737 and 777

With the new update and also previous updates (airbus variants) i have noticed a change in the cockpit when the hud is turned on, the hud is pointing more in the FCU which makes it quite challenging during the takeoff/landing phases of the flight

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With the new cockpit equipped with live instruments, the hud, when on, will point down mainly because these aircraft aren’t meant to have the hud on as all the instruments are there. But also so you can see the instruments and through the cockpit windows. That said, you can always turn the hud on and reposition the camera if you prefer using that. I found it hard at first using the live instruments, but the more you practice and work with it the easier it gets to use.

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Oh, thank you very much i really didn’t take that into consideration but live instruments is kinda hard to see because im playing on a s9

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Try using the normal HUD view, this has never changed.

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