Hard to turn when pushing back on C130

When pushing back on the C130J-30 with Reverse Trust, it is extremely hard and almost impossible to turn while pushing back.
Device/App info
iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2 PB3
Latest IF version - 16.12.0

Basically just start pushing back using reverse trust and try to turn. It is hard for me on the C130J-30.

Does anyone else have the same issue? Or is it just how the C130 is?


I’ve had the same issue, I tried turning but then I gave up because it was too hard.
iOs 10
iPad Air 2


iOS is out???

It’s been out for like 6 hours

You can’t do a full rudder turn while pushing back, just back off the rudder a bit and0 you’re good

I tried that, and it didn’t work like that as well. It seems impossible to turn, no matter how much rudder you apply

I didn’t have this problem, reverse at 100% full power when reversing

Of course yeah.

Known issue. This is what Laura said:

If you don’t turn much, it’s manageable.