Hard to control on your phone!

Ive had issues with controls and is it worth upgrading to a tablet will it be easier to tilt etc… ive tried joysticks I just find it weird.

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In my opinion, I think flying on a tablet is easier than on a phone. It’s your choice.

However, a phone should work too. If you have any technical difficulties playing Infinite Flight with it, you can send an email to support@infiniteflight.com for assistance.


just buy a ps4 or ps5 controller and its perfects

As @Brady_Freeman mentioned, you can buy an xbox is playstation controller to connect to your phone, or if you have a higher budget, you can invest in an ipad, which I find much easier to fly with

Thanks everyone any recommendations on tablets max 600 I prefer cheaper

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Max 600, I would recommend an Apple iPad. Don’t buy the air or the pro, just the classic iPad, it’s less than 600.


Yeah i have a 11’’ tablet and its perfect size.


Hi! I use an iPad and an iPhone, I would definitely recommend any big device because the controls are a lot more accessible and just trying to fly on a phone is hard all together

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iPad Air?

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With tax, and a case for it, that’d range up to over $600. I’d recommend the normal “iPad”. But, if you’re willing to go a bit over your budget, go for the Air.


I have a regular iPad and it works great


Can someone send me a normal one that runs good I can’t find any haha

I use a phone to play and I been playing for years with a phone it not hard at all

Is there a good setting it just seeems hard to tilt

Yes there is

What is it?

I set mine to normal and it works fine

Y’all forget that you can change the control sensitivity

Flying on an iPad is still better though

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I have a iPhone 13. I don’t have issues with frames??

I’m sorry I’m being a lot of work.