Hard places to land

Kai Tak International Airport , the alignment and landing is extremely difficult , as it requires you to turn 40 degrees right as you see the checkerboard hill and aligning for the ils landing

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The visual approach for runway 08 at Innsbruck(LOWI)

Toncontin Intl. Airport (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) Runway 2

The IF cone is incorrect. You must navigate through the mountains and make a 45 degree turn toward the runway moments before touchdown (look up and accurate approach :)).

Kai Tak Airport (VHHX)

Try it in the Airbus A380 for Runway 13 😂

Lugano (LSZA) is tons of fun. Very steep and beautiful.


This is a very underrated one but the Expressway Visual to 31 at KLGA can be challenging especially in the CRJ because it has the fastest approach speeds that fly into LGA. If done right, it’s a very unique approach due to the proximity of JFK which doesn’t allow for a straight in approach to 31. Paired with the SKORR4 departure out of JFK makes for some cool passes

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