Hard landnings with autoland (appr)

Hey guys! I have a quick question and that is why my landnings with autoland (appr) is so hard. Everytime I land with autoland my aircraft gets a little bouncer and the landning gets hard. I am Lined up with the localizer and in the glideslope. What an I doing wrong? Please help.

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What speed are you going on final?

Make sure your speed is just above that of stalling, so average 140kts smaller planes, go down bigger go up to 160 kts and make sure to use lots of flap depending on the plane, almost full flaps for landing

Well it depends on weight. If youre in for example a 789 and are around 30 percent heavy then you should also land at around 140 knots.

Thanks for the reply. I will try to do that :)

I am doing about 150 kts TAS.

I found this, this will clear up most of your questions:) Using Autoland (APPR)

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Are you turning off Autopilot just before crossing the threshold? You’re supposed to land manually around 200-300 ft off the ground. If you use Autoland all the way down it will be a hard landing

I doesn’t turn it off at all. I just let it do the job to land and then I take control of the aircraft when I have touched down. Shouldn’t I be doing that? Becaouse in the tutorial they didn’t turn it off.

If you let APPR take care of the landing then, all you need to do it reverse thrust when the gears touch the ground and take manual control from there, which seem to be what you have been doing all this time, which is correct.

What some do is let the APPR fly it down the Localizer and then take control at the end by flaring themself and land it it manually. Which is what the guy above was trying to say.

In your case, you are letting the plane land itself to the point where it touches the runway. So what you are doing is right, though it would be helpful to know which aircraft you were flying and what your load factor was (in percentage)?

I was flying the Airbus A330-300 but I can’t remember my load factor, is it anyway to check? But I think my airplane was a bit overweight so may that be the case why my landnings with appr is geting hard.

That could be the reason to why you bounced. I myself never use the APPR so I cannot say for sure what caused it. But try to land the A333 again with less weight and at around 145-150 kts and see if that helps. Otherwise a tip that is very handy is to learn to land manually. It also is a ton of fun to manage your own flight ;)

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The APPR system in Infinite Flight is greatly flawed and requires some updating. Vote below to hopefully get the attention of the developers and urge them to take action, rather than settling for a sub-standard system.


Thank you :)

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