Hard Landings

What are quite possibly the HARDEST landings in the entire Game???


Well today, I bounced like a basketball down the runway in a Cessna 172. @Balloonchaser can confirm 😂


Ask @RTG113, he’s pretty good on the subject.


Ask @Drummer and @Balloonchaser about my -400 FPM landing into KISP in a southwest 737


I thought you were going to reference the time you made a dent in the map at a training session once 😂


That actually happened? Oh boy what was that one

Center session at KATL

Ah yes now I temember

I think I still have the screenshot but for reasons I can not share it

You also made a dent in the floor in Osaka at my training session

False news I don’t think I’ve ever been to one of your official trainings

What are some hard landings? NO personal talk

How about your 450 knot “landing” at my radar practical Mr. Rocco…

What exactly do you mean? Do you want people to share their hardest landings? Because if so, that’s whats happening


In terms of actual hard landings at airports, I’d recommend finding a short runway with a decent size passenger jet. Chances are you’ll be slamming it down on the runway.

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Yeah I’m confused to the point of the topic if we can’t talk about our hard landings. Are you asking what qualifies as a hard landing?


I think the OP might mean, what are some hard airports to land at?

If that’s the case, try VNLK, VQPR, KASE

Oh they meant difficulty. I see now: LOWI, KASE, VNLK, VNKT just to name a few

I constantly slam my landings, in fact, i cant remember the last time i had a smooth one. I quite enjoy making very hard landings. Give my passengers a nice “wake up” jolt. I also make sure not to flip the seatbelt signs on and make sure they stay asleep till the slam down landing. Then, i can just tell them that it must have been the fake falling thing that your body does and not my slam landing.

“It was a very smooth landing.” I might say.

Lol for real though, probably when I land the 172, bounce it all the way down the runway. Nose wheelied once 😂

If you are talking about the other thing, I would say that KDEN is a difficult landing. Mainly because I struggle with the high altitude and procedures there.


What what is the hardest approach, maneuverability wise.