Hard landings in Infinite Flight

I mean Infinite Flight Live, not your life :D

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MaxSez: @Giacomo_Lawrance. “I want! I want!”! Words of the quasi milinial !
There was a time that you took what you got and liked it. “Say: Thank You, Then go to your room!”! That’s what my Dad said back in the day. LOL… Next.


It’s just a request.

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I always bounce in A380 when I land hard and the aircraft that always bounces in IF even when you land smooth is the Cirrus SR22.


The worst aircraft and the hardest one to land is probably the Super Delathon…

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Did you just say that after Max commented? I’d be careful, the Super D is a beautiful aircraft to fly!

It is possible to bounce. I have bounced before back when I was still learning, it was quite a regular occurrence. Ussually an aircraft bounces when it is going to fast aswell not just hard landings.

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Wasn’t talking to you. He was saying that the 172 always bounces for him and I have a feeling he isn’t flaring enough

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The only aircraft which bounces as it should (IMO) is the C208. I usually bounce that one, even with throttle and at 150 fpm. :)

You do not necessarily bounce when landing firmly in real life. If you bounce, that either means your approach parameters weren’t properly maintained or your flare technique wasn’t correct.

By the way, hard landings are not firm landings. A hard landing requires a maintenance check and it rarely happen in real life whereas firm landings often happen.

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I find hard landings are impossible I’d love to do a hard landing in bad weather and work the pedals, (I like those the best when I fly) but the physics are pretty much a perfect landing, ok landing, or crash… I can do water landings better than hard landings (which are mostly crashes rn), would love to see it fixed.

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I usually bounce if my speed is too high for landing.

I can’t get it to bounce, even on the nose wheel :/

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