Hard landing

Hi am just curious what vertical speed is a hard landing?

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Anything more than -400 is considered hard.


Anything harder than -200ft is a bad landing in my books. -300 would be hard and -100 is a good landing.


Ok cool, most of my landings are -200 FPM. I always go -500 in a A330. I just can’t seem to handle that aircraft.

If you are landing too hard, go faster and add throttle when you flare. That should help out a little 🙂


heres a chart i use on the daily:

Landing smoothness chart

Substantial spine injuries : -700 fpm
Co-pilot’s retainer fell out : -400 fpm
Like cold toast : -300
Marmelade : -200
Smooth : -150
Butter : -100
Creamy : -50
Silk : -10
moaning : -1


Please cite the FAA chart where you found that 😂😂



LOL made it myself


Ok I will try that with the A330s. I just usually idle at 5-10 feet depending on aircraft.

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Here’s how I judge landings. 1. There are 3 steps too a perfect landing, unfortunately no one knows them. 2. Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing and I’f you can use the plane again it’s a great landing


I’ve found in most aircraft if you throttle up when you flare, not too much, but just right to get -100 landings, it does wonders. I’ve tried it on almost all aircraft and the harder ones to handle are so much easier now!

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Something ATCMemes would make


A landing can only be considered as hard if the vertical speed at touchdown exceeded the landing gear limits.
After a hard landing, the plane must be inspected and must get reapproved for flight.

For most airplanes, a hard landing occurs when the vertical speed on touchdown exceeds 700-800 feet per minute. A -400 feet per minute touchdown would be qualified as firm but definitely not hard.


Even the CRJ plane? I just don’t touch that anymore.

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I haven’t touched the CRJ in the last 6 months. You can give it a try.

I’m too nervous too fly that again.

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To butter the golden biscuit, and to not “knock out the co-pilot’s retainer” like @KindaAngrySliceOfPie mentioned 😂, TOD (top of descent) is a great way to level out your VS and not make sudden, quick changes, making the VS higher.

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I would think that anything above -500fpm would be hard.

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I found the Comment of the year


I try to aim anywhere imbetween -200 and -100 fpm