Hard Landing Event @ WMBT - 130100ZDEC15

Hey guys ever tried landing in WMBT? You’re in for a treat if you haven’t. Its very hard. I’m trying to get a few pilots to come try this. It is a blast.

Event TIME: 19:00 ZULU

Event Location: WMBT (runway 2!!)

Recommended Aircraft: C172, C208, C Citation X, 717-200, CRJ-200, 737-700,

Server: ATC Playground

You can take whatever plane you want. The aircraft listed above are the most recommended though. Enjoy guys. Comment if you’ll be there.


Today? What server?

No Ryanair??? … or is it not that kind of hard landing. ;)


Yes when is it? Also change the time to ZULU, move to events and edit the title to fit the event guide lines. Thanks

That is quite offensive to me and it is not true so please don’t say that thanks.

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No problem. Deleted. Sorry about that.

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Sorry I wasn’t meant to have a go or anything

Changed the title and category for you. :) You still need to add the day, month, and year. I couldn’t find that information in your post.

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Thanks. The day is the 12th

12th of what? December? :)

My advice is fly from WMKK to WMBT

Yes sir…

It starts tonight at 7:00 PM central

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Okay. Please edit it for December 12th at 7:00 pm central. Thanks

Thanks for your help man

Who’s joining

Events usually are advertised a couple days prior to the actual event. Otherwise nobody will know about it. :)

Can I join now?

Could you post this event for Wednesday? 3:00 pm (central) WMBT runway 2 approach. ATC playground