Hard Landing Competition Part 2!

Lets Try To Land In One Of The Most Difficult Approach!
Takeoff from C83 In San Francisco and try to land in 59CA runway 18
Go Now!
Good Luck Everyone
Advanced Server

On my way!

On what server?

Please tell me I want to join.

advanced server

Ok and where do we end up landing and what RWY do we takeoff from?

takeoff C83 runway 30 and land 59ca runway 18

Ok ill be there in 5 mins.

ok bro ill wait for you in c83

So how should I start do I just go or do you go first?

i recomend using a small plane because its a small runway

cessna 208

Oh no don’t worry I fly for the IFM I got this.

lets go bro

Coming now :)

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I have full flaps on so I can stay behind you.

:) nice we are heading there now

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I see yas ,.

are you sure you dont get violations by landing there?

with that plane