Hard landing because of winds

I am just curious how I can control my plane during the last 10 feet when the plane suddenly pitches down because of wind. It just happened at KJFK. I was stabilized to land and was in for a smooth landing when the winds suddenly pushed me down 10 feet above the runway. I managed to get it from 500 fpm to 350 fpm but how can I further stabilize it during these last few feet? I had less than 2 seconds to respond.


If you get a gust of wind on final, I would throttle up a bit and pull up. You can either go around or float a wee bit and land again.


It was very sudden. My plane went up a little and then a rapid and hard push down from wind.

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The best thing to do here would be to go around. I don’t see any alternative.


For the sake of your pax go around. Going around is not a bad thing.


Ok I will try that. KJFK is very bumpy just warning to anyone who sees this post during the last 200 feet.

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I usually go around but when have 1-2 second to respond it’s difficult because the plane during that period is at the mercy of the winds.

Always stay on your game. Short final is a criticism period and can decide if you go around or land. Just be watchful :)

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I agree with Kevin on this being a passenger on a lot of flight I noticed pilots would thrust the engines seconds before wheels hit the dirt.

Just enough to float.

One of the reasons manual landing is a good idea in any kind of bad weather, I’ve had bad landings all dayyy.

East coast weather 😎😁


I was kind of worried I would stall if I went full power to go around because of the suddenness of it. I pitched up and throttled up as I was split to just land or go around. This has only happened a couple timed to me strangely lol. But you are right keep an eye on the last 100 feet 1,000,000%.


Rudder, and throttle is how I tend to correct, but you can ALWAYS go around


tbh he couldn’t go around the way I understood it, everything was perfect until the last 10 feet where the wind then hammered him onto the rwy before he could react, that is not really a situation where you can go around on, in this case just brace and accept that it is going to be a hard landing, what this sounds like is a downdraft a very danegerous type of wind.

I saw this post and recognized it may have been a microburst that caused this. They are very dangerous. You may have decreased throttle due to the headwind and as soon as you were under it, it slammed you into the ground. Very hard to detect a microburst especially in a SIM like IF @Kate_Russell

It’s all about the early prep. Before ToD ensure that you check the latest METAR at your airport. If it is reporting gusting then you need to increase your approach and landing speed by the difference between the wind and gusts deviided by half.

Example your landing speed is 135kts, METAR `reports 15G25. Difference between wind and gusting is 10kts, so you add 5kts to your planned landing speed and aim to lland at about 140kts.

I didn’t even know microbursts were in this

Flew a YMHB-YSSY yesterday and ended up with a bit of wind shear just above minimums!

Watch this video. Is this a bug?
Also what it is necessary to do, that it did not turn out how, how on video?

they use live wind conditions so if a microburst is blowing at that time it could be simulated with wind speeds and wind direction here. They use whatever the wind speed and direction is at a certain area irl for their weather

As @SkyHighGuys said, if at any point your approach becomes unstable, throttle up and go around.

“You can always go around, if it don’t look right coming down. Don’t wait until you’re sideways maybe sliding on the ground. You can always go around.”

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I had a similar experience a while ago when I landed at JFK but it was after a storm had moved in.

I managed to land safely but the whole approach was unstable.

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