Hard decision

Hello I have a question I am able to get one airplane model only but there is two I am interested in. The Gemini jets wow air a321 and the Gemini jets air Canada a330 new livery. Ether one will go in a model airport of cyyz. I don’t know which one to get. any opinions would be helpful.

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I suggest putting this in #real-world-aviation as they are not really related to IF

Ok thanks for letting me know

I have heard that the Gemeni A321’s are of amazing quality. Again, what I’ve heard.

Thanks you for your input

I would get the WOW Air because personally it would look cooler. Just think about that big purple plane compared to a white and black plane.

Personally I think that Air Canada A330 is what you should get. If it’s the new livery that is, great model to have.


I suggest getting the AC A330, since it is going into a canadian airport. Plus, I love the new AC livery!

Definitely go for the Air Canada

I would say to get the A330. The new Air Canada livery looks good.

AC A330, cause it’s Toronto, and also- IT’S THE AC NEW LIVERY. Also, wide-bodies are so much cooler.

Probably the air canada. I think that’d look coolz

I personally like the a330 more

I would take the a321. The company Phoenix makes far better a330 models imo.

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I’ve never heard of Gemini. Are the models made out of plastic?

no its very well made metal models. They mostly do the 1:400 scale (but have some pretty amazing 1:200 as well).
I tend to favor Phoenix though.

Air Canada all day if it was me

Thanks for the info. I haven’t considered airplane models but I might now

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No they are diecast/medal modelairplanes

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I won’t tell you which one to get, but I will tell you that Aeroclassics are supposed to make the best A320 family models, whilst the best A330s and A340s are probably made by Aeroclassics or Phoenix. Their moulds for those aircraft are more accurate than Gemini’s. Just what I’ve heard.