Hard airports to fly into

What do you mean

Runway 28R/L at KSFO. Tried landing a 747-8 on it today but there was a horrific crosswind, so I had to slam it down on the ground as fast as I could, my nose went 45degrees to the left:/

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I did it! It can make it!

Try to land it straight in over the mountains runway 20.

I tried, and it worked

Doesnt look like a landing.
Start at RWY 20 ‘Landing’ and just go over the hills to the runway and try to stop it before the end of the runway.
Tip: Try to stall your plane while ‘diving’ to the runway.

KASE With high altitudes and huge mountains.

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The A321 could do it with 100% throttle and default payload setting, but it’ll use every inch of the runway. Also, it might tailstrike if not executed carefully

PHSF in Hawaii is also very difficult due to its extreme altitude (6200ft MSL)

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The airport I am finding hard to land in is MMTJ using Runway 27 due to wind. Coming in from this direction it is a GPS approach, there are mountains, the airport level is approximately 500 ft.no waypoints to help with lining up on the runway, a VOR that is offset right at the apron that does not help with lining up either, and cannot find any charts with approach from this end. It seems better just to endure and take chances with 09 when it is red, which is most of the time. I have tried various planes.

KASE, very mountainous!

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You can easily land any small Airbus or Boeing jet at Aspen…with moderate practice either in offline solo mode or on the casual server…and if you skillfully apply reverse throttle right after touchdown…you will fully stop in only half or less of the runway length…just remember to stay around 500 to 1000 agl and have an final approach speed of 120 to 135 kts…that should work fine for you…

I love WMBT, my fav airport in IF. its my profile background

Crosswind landings there are especially fun! 😉


You can’t Iand there I the a380 or the 747 as it gives you million strike thighs

You can land an A380 at max load there.

How do you do that?

TNCM runway 28 :)


With a little dedicated practice you can easily learn to land a Cessna, SR22, or even an F14 on rwy 02 as well as 20 …you just have to perfect your barnstorming techniques…

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