Harbour Scenic 1

A flight that I have always wanted to do and have finally found time to do it. The flight was from Bankstown in the C172 to head to Sydney harbour to complete the Sydney Harbour 1 Scenic Tour. The Harbour Scenic flight takes you up to Long Reef then direct to the Harbour Bridge were you complete 1-2 harbour Orbits.

Flight information: Took off from Bankstown Aerodrome (YSBK) on 30th June at 4pm to head direct to Long Reef to commence the Sydney Harbour 1. As I arrived at the Harbour Bridge I did 2 Harbour orbits before tracking direct to the South Head to get on the Victor 1 to fly down the coast past Cronulla then direct back to Bankstown.

Decided to get a moon shot on the way up to Long Reef

Passing Long Reef at 1500ft

Commencing the Harbour Orbit at the Harbour Bridge

Passing Cronulla Beach at 500ft


Oh nice shots! That seems like a fun route to do! ;)

Yea its a route I want to do when I buy my own plane

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Will try this route.

Ohh, that is lovely. Nice pictures, thank you for sharing!