Happy WWDC Day!

Well, it’s June 22nd. At 1pm EDT today, Apple will go live from Apple Park to kick off WWDC, and we will likely see the announcement of iOS and iPadOS 14, followed by a beta release for anyone who has a developer account.

If you get your hands on iOS 14 today, please remember that it is a very early piece of beta software. It will be full of bugs, and more importantly, INFINITE FLIGHT MAY NOT RUN AS EXPECTED.

In an effort to try and prevent an influx of repetitive support topics, and save the sanity of our wonderful mods team, if you decide to run Infinite Flight on iOS 14, please try to diagnose issues yourself wherever possible, and revert to iOS 13.5.1 if necessary. Any technical support related to running Infinite Flight on iOS 14 will likely be very limited.


Happy day to you

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And you as well! 🙂

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What’s new in that software

Nobody knows yet, the event will be streamed on Apple’s website live at 1pm EDT

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They will announce this today, probably some new features, design upgrade, stuff like that


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