Happy World Pilots Day

Dear Pilots,

Thank you to all those who make aviation a reality. Without your skills and dedication the world would be a hard place travel and explore. Pilots of the world are truly people worth looking up to.

And on this day I thank you for your dedication and hard work 20000ft above the rest of us.

Blue skies and Happy World Pilots Day

Credit: @sky_trotter


Wow. I’d like to thank all current pilots for their service, and wish all budding pilots (including myself) very good luck with achieving your dream.


That’s nice,they have been doing a great job. Happy World Pilots day to all.


I had no idea this was a thing…


Everyday there is something day. There is even a doughnut appreciation day. Haha but only few are cool and memorable are this.


Hmm… might check out the doughnut one… Jk Pilots is much better


Boy, I hope those pilots get back inside before they take off:-)
Happy Pilots Day!


Happy pilots day🛩 to all Infinite flight pilots ✈️🎉🎊


Thanks pilots around the world People dont forget to put it on ur social mieda

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Thank you Pilots for being an incredible group! imagine the world without aviation and no one to fly the planes! I am also travelling in a few weeks and will be grateful for the ones who fly me to my destination (it’s a very long trip)…

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I love that picture! Thanks to all the pilots of the world 🛩✈️

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I think we should be grateful for having those hardworking pilots in the skies who are in duty in taking millions of passengers and cargos to travel from any part of the world despite their family life. They decided to take more effort and time in flying even though they still have a family on their own house. Their duty is irreplaceable imho. I hope these pilots can be appreciated more by Airlines in the future. Happy Pilots Day to all pilots in Infinite Flight ✈❤

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As a student pilot myself, i see any aircraft i solute because you could be a pilot of a glider and you’re still my inspiration, thank you to all pilots around the world no matter what you fly, corporate, commericial, private, etc…

I would like to thank all world pilots, as I’ve been inspired to be one I thank them.

This picture is soooo great becaus the two pilots are working for Swiss and they’re one board HB-IJL, an A320-214. I’ve flown with this exact aircraft two years ago ;-)

A day for aviation that I totally knew about. Totally.
EDIT: Wait that means us too because we are pilots on IF!


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