Happy To Announce My Return To The Skies

Dear Infinite Flight Community,

It is a Great Deal for me to Announce my Return to Infinite flight! I’ve been away for awhile due to these hard times that I’m sure others have been experiencing. I would like to mention how much I’ve missed this community, and most certainly flying in the skies with you all. Although I’ve been away for awhile, I never said I wasn’t keeping up with Infinite flights Phenomenal Developments. I’ll be looking to flying the A330 NEO on casual Servers, as unfortunately I’ve been degraded from Expert due to a long absence.

It’s going to be a long Journey trying to get back on Expert, but at least I can regain some knowledge before I reach Expert Again. I will probably make an event on Casual that will involve flying 5 legs Straight, as I need 5 landings to reach Training again. Feel free to recommend me some legs for my future Event. I would appreciate any Welcome Back Messages that anyone might’ve wanted to send me. Thank you for your time!



Please leave event thread here if you do I might join you and welcome back man!!:)

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Welcome back! If you need some company for those 5 landings, hit me up! :D

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I’ll most certainly do so my Friend!

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Well you’ll be getting a Notification Sunday. If not I’ll have the event Monday if I’m free for Labor Day 😁

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Welcome back, glad to see you in the skies again man!

Thanks, Hoping to see you in the skies!

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Welcome back!! 😁